Börse Berlin achieves a turnover of over €81 billion


  • Turnover up four per cent (Xontro and Equiduct)
  • Rising interest in bonds ensures increased turnover
  • Outlook 2024: Experts expect volatile markets with share price potential despite the risk of short-term setbacks

Number of Trades 2023Number of Trades 2022Change in %
Börse Berlin166,950*195,794- 14.7%
Equiduct14.2 mio.**15.9 mio.- 10.7%
Börse Berlin in total14.3 mio.16.1 mio.- 11.2%
Turnover in bill. € in 2023Turnover in bill. € in 2022Change in %
Börse Berlin2.44*1.45+ 68.3%
Equiduct78.89**76.56+ 3.0%
Börse Berlin in total81.3378.01+ 4.3%

*Xontro status: 29 December 2023, 11:00 am. For the year 2023, trading on Xontro ends today at 14:00 CET.

**Status Equiduct: 28/12/2023 end of trading. Trading on Equiduct continues today until 17:30 CET.

Contact: Petra Greif, petra.greif@boerse-berlin.de, +49 (0)30 311 091 29


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