Equiduct Fees

Equiduct is an innovative pan-European trading venue enabling retail brokers to achieve Best Execution in the most liquid and fragmented cash equities and ETFs.


For full details on fees and products see the Equiduct Fee Schedule.


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The most active securities

Name Type Change in %
Lyxor Smart Overnight Return - ETF C-EUR Mutual Fund
DB II EONIA TR Mutual Fund
VOLKSWAGEN VorzügeTrade Cancellations / Price Corrections Stock
0% Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungs-Gesellschaft mbH (2025) Bond
5% Alpiq Holding AG Bond
3% UniCredit Bank GmbH (2027) Bond
3,875% Volkswagen Leasing GmbH (2028) Bond
Xiaomi Corp. Stock
WisdomTree US Quality Dividend Growth ETF USD Mutual Fund
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